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  organisations learn
  and groups work
  together effectively
  on the human aspects of
  telecommunications and
  information technology
Understanding the human dimensions of information technology
We advise organisations on the psychology of telecommunications and information technology use, and identify what it means for the design of products and systems. We assess the impacts of new technologies on the individual, on organisations and on society; we specialise in internet, broadband and mobile technologies. We help organisations address the human issues associated with introducing new systems, to the benefit of both the individuals and the organisations concerned. In particular we help organisations to bring about change associated with new information systems, and realise the benefits.

We have:
• Provided expert input for the Alcatel white paper Teleworking and Broadband: The psychological impact of technological innovation. The white paper sets out guidelines for the successful introduction of teleworking. View white paper.
• Developed an internet survey of consumer attitudes to online financial services;
• Interpreted market research findings on the use of communications media by young people;
Reviewed 20 years of behavioural research in telecommunications.

In the mid-1990s we researched and wrote a report, Understanding why systems fail to deliver, published by Pagoda Associates. The main conclusion of the report, that every IT project is a business change project and should be managed as such, is now widely accepted.

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