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  Market analysis,
  business strategy
  and planning
  IT Consultancy   Consultancy and
  coaching for
  small businesses
  Organisation   development and   change   Psychology of   telecommunications
  and IT
  analyse markets   manage projects   coach managers   facilitate change   advise organisations
    and help clients to
  develop strategies
  and draft business
  and marketing plans
  and advise clients on
  business aspects of
  and IT
  of small businesses
  and consult to
  businesses at all
  stages of growth
  and help
  organisations learn
  and groups work
  together effectively
  on the human aspects of
  telecommunications and
  information technology
Helping organisations deliver innovation and change
We undertake organisation development and change facilitation projects. We help individuals and groups work together effectively, and develop the capabilities and organisational structures they need to work in new ways. We apply organisation development skills to help organisations learn and benefit from innovation and change, working with the business, technical and human challenges involved. We specialise in helping organisations to manage change associated with new information systems, and realise the benefits.

We have:
• Ensured cultural differences in a British-Polish joint venture were overcome and participants were able to work together as a team;
• Enabled two public sector organisations to progress a joint technology project despite historic rivalries;
• Helped Board members of a Professional Society to develop a strategy for the Society, and to work together more effectively;
• Reviewed a systems project for a credit card company, and identified actions to ensure the project delivered its planned benefits.

Some of our projects are described here.

Contact us to discuss how we could help your organisation work with innovation and change.

    Tel: +44 (0)20 7226 3433 Email: info@ksassociates.co.uk
4 Cruden Street, Islington, London, N1 8NJ.