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  Market analysis,
  business strategy
  and planning
  IT Consultancy   Consultancy and
  coaching for
  small businesses
  Organisation   development and   change   Psychology of   telecommunications
  and IT
  analyse markets   manage projects   coach managers   facilitate change   advise organisations
    and help clients to
  develop strategies
  and draft business
  and marketing plans
“A definitive and timely piece of work”
Telecoms Strategy Manager, IBM
  and advise clients on
  business aspects of
  and IT
  of small businesses
  and consult to
  businesses at all
  stages of growth
  and help
  organisations learn
  and groups work
  together effectively
  on the human aspects of
  telecommunications and
  information technology
Understanding markets and creating strategies for growth

We analyse markets and help clients to formulate business and marketing strategy, and develop business and marketing plans. We develop business cases for new initiatives. We also carry out business reviews, commercial due diligence reviews and benchmarking studies. We have in-depth knowledge of IT markets, and undertake projects for large businesses in other sectors, smaller companies, and public sector and voluntary organisations.

We have:
• Analysed new markets for IBM;
• Helped Ericsson develop strategic plans;
• Drawn up business plans for a France Telecom Group venture;
• Carried out a commercial due diligence review of a European metal products manufacturer, for a private equity company;
• Benchmarked the operations of computer printer manufacturers.

We have worked with a number of small high-tech companies; several of them have achieved breakthrough successes.

Some of our projects are described here.

Our work with small businesses is described here.

Contact us to discuss how we could help you plan a new venture.

    Tel: +44 (0)20 7226 3433 Email: info@ksassociates.co.uk
4 Cruden Street, Islington, London, N1 8NJ.